Ipad Repairs Blackpool

The Ipad is one of the coolest gadgets around and can be found in many Blackpool Homes. They are usually trouble free and can normally be used without needing any assistance or help from anyone other than a helpful child!

However, when things go wrong with them, Apple normally charge a large amount for many repairs and as a result it is normally the smart move to choose a local firm that specialises in fixing IT equipment to help you out.

In Blackpool, we are the firm of choice for all Ipad repairs. We have got the specialist tools and knowledge to fix almost all problems that can be found on Ipads and as such we can normally turn the repair around quicker and at better value than others who simply dabble in Ipad repairs.

The most common fault we fix is a broken screen or front glass panel. We can normally turn these around in 24-48 hours and the cost is less than you would imagine with prices starting for £29.99.

As weel as fixing broken Ipad Screens, we also fix damaged Ipad Cases, Broken Wifi and all the other issues.

Blackpool PC Repair has been fixing IT Equipment for over 15 years and we are trusted by many local households and businesses to provide all their technology solutions.

Please call us today and speak to an expert and get a free quote and some advice.