Fleetwood PC Repair

If you live in Fleetwood and require PC or laptop repair, you should give us a call or click here. You will receive top class advice from a highly experienced computer engineer who has been fixing computers for over a decade. Our service is everything it ought to be and more, with our specialist laptop service being carried out be highly qualified specialists in a protected environment and not on someone’s kitchen table like some of our competitors!

What we do have is a no fix no fee policy and two easy options for you to choose from.

1) You give us a call. If it’s simple and we can direct you over the phone we will do it for FREE. If Your pcneeds repairing you can deliver it or I will collect it from you. The PC will be scanned for physical defects using the highest quality diagnostics available. It will then be scanned for viruses and malware. We will then repair the problems and finally we will install some of the best antivirus software available on your PC for FREE. The charge for this is £59.99. This would take at least 10 hours in your own home but because the tasks can be left to run while we do other work the actual labour time for the FULL analysis is less than 30 minutes. This enables you to have a full repair job rather than the patch and fix method used by most in your homerepair technicians. This method has been used by us for many years and guarantees the best possible outcome. This offer is NO FIX NO FEE. This offer means you pay either £59.99 or nothing.

2)You can have PC repair completed in your own home. We will come and look at the problem and will fix it there and then. We charge £39.99 per hour plus £15 per half hour thereafter. This is comparable to other local firms providing Fleetwood PC Repair services.