CCTV Blackpool

Blackpool is a great place to live, but some people are sick and tired of the petty vandalism and crime that occurs here, especially during the season. People often ask me if there is anything they can do to prevent, deter, or catch offenders who target their home. In the past I’ve always told them that good CCTV would be the best solution, but once the price was mentioned they just couldn’t afford it. CCTV used to involve expensive camera systems, DVR machines and more cabling than an average house could take.


With so many people asking for help, but then being unable to afford the technology to keep their family safe, I have been working tirelessly to get the price down to a level that people just like you and me can afford to have the same sort of protection that rich people and large businesses have.

After working hard for over 2 years, speaking to thousands of security companies, software companies and everyone I can get hold of, I have finally been able to put together a package that will suit everyone’s pocket.

A crazy Aussie Guy wrote a piece of software he is giving away to people for free, that controls, records and uploads up to 15 cameras worth of CCTV. This software alone slashes up to £1000 of the cost of a system.

Imagine being able to view anywhere in the world and record to a remote server. View from your iPhone, iPad or any way you can think of! The power and control it brings you will make your family safer than ever.

CCTV with remote access is the number one tool for preventing the loss of your property, it proves who did it, when and how. Not only that, but it deters criminal damage and scrap metal thieves.

CCTV proves itself time and time again, why are you not protecting your family by getting a system to record their home?

With the right locks, and CCTV you can make your house a burglars worst nightmare. Secure you home today for your families sake. For less than the price of a weekend away you can buy peace of mind and provide a valuable public service.

Don’t believe how easy it is? of course you don’t. You probably think it take a few days and thousands of ££££££££ to set up. It doesn’t, not with Blackpool PC Repair!!

Still don’t believe me. Watch my home webcam system right here. The software is open source, free and the online ability can be added for less than the price of a G&T! We can supply laptops with up to 15 cameras, including night vision, hidden, wireless and all kinds of James Bond like gadgetry.

Our 1 camera package installed on your own existing laptop costs only £89.99

If you want a dedicated laptop with a camera supplied, ready to go, with iphone control thrown in for free, we can set you up with a Dell Laptop based system for £139.99!

Protect your family for less than a weekend away. Do it right now. Call me on 01253 208623 and buy that peace of mind right now!